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Article (6)

The domestic worker shall:
1- Perform the work agreed upon, with good care.
2- Follow the orders and instructions of the employer and their family members for the implementation of the work agreed upon.
3- Protect the property of the employer and their family members.
4- Not do harm to the family members, including children and the elderly.
5- Maintain the secrets of the employer, the family members and the people who are at home, which such a domestic worker gets acquainted with during or because of work, and not divulge and give away such secrets to others.
6- Not refuse to work or leave the service without a valid reason.
7- Not work for his own interest and benefit.

8-Not violate the dignity of the employer and the family members, and shall not interfere in their affairs.
9- Respect Islam, abide by the laws in force in the Kingdom, the customs and traditions of the Saudi society, and shall not engage in any activity that harms the family