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Article (151)

1-Female workers shall be entitled to fully paid maternity leave for a period of 10 weeks to be divided at the female worker’s discretion. Such period may start four weeks prior to the expected date of delivery. Expected date of delivery shall be determined pursuant to a medical report certified by a health authority.

2-A woman may not, under any circumstances, work during the six weeks immediately following delivery. She shall be entitled to extend the leave for an additional one month as unpaid leave.

3- In the event of giving birth of a sick child or a child with special needs whose health condition requires a constant companion, a female worker shall be entitled to a one-month leave with full pay starting at the end of the maternity leave and she shall be entitled to extend the leave for an additional month as unpaid leave.

Article (160)

1- A Muslim female worker whose husband dies shall be entitled to ‘iddah leave’ with full pay for a period of not less than four months and 10 days starting from date of death. If she is pregnant, such leave may be extended without pay until her delivery. The female worker may not, following childbirth, use the remainder of the leave granted to her under this Law.

2-A non-Muslim female worker, whose husband dies, shall be entitled to a fifteen-day leave with full pay.

In all cases, a female worker, whose husband dies, may not work for others during the leave period.

The employer shall have the right to request supporting documents in the abovementioned cases.