Actual Working Hours

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• The worker may not actually work more than (8) hours per day, if the employer adopts the daily standard or more than (48) hours per week, if he adopts the weekly standard. The actual working hours during Ramadan are reduced to Muslims; they do not exceed (6) hours per day, or (36) hours per week.

• Working hours and rest periods during the day shall be scheduled in such a way that no worker shall work for more than five consecutive hours continuously without a break of no less than (30) minutes each time during the total working hours for rest, prayer and meals, provided that a worker shall not remain at the workplace for more than 12 hours a day.

• The periods set for rest, prayer and meals shall not be counted to the actual working hours, and the worker during these periods shall not be under the control of the employer, and the employer may not obligatory for the worker to remain at the workplace.

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