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​ In the contract, or work for others, except in cases of necessity, ensuring the work is not substantially different from his/her original work

 The employer is obliged not to assign the domestic labor any risky work to health or safety of his/her body, or negatively affects his/her dignity

 Not to sublet the domestic labor, or allow him/her to work for his/her own account

 The employer is obliged to pay the agreed wage at the end of each Hijri month, unless the parties agree -otherwise- in writing.

 The employer is obliged to pay the wage and entitlements in cash or by check, and document it in writing, unless the labor wants to transfer the wage to a specific bank account.

 The employer is obliged to provide a suitable housing for the domestic labor.

 The employer is obliged to allow the domestic labor to enjoy a daily rest for at least nine hours a day.

 The employer is obliged to attend himself/herself - or assign a representative - before the Committee on the dates specified to consider the claim filed against him/her

 The wage of the domestic labor may not be deducted except in the following cases and not with more than half the wage:

 Costs of what he/she intentionally or negligently damaged.

 A down payment he/she obtained from the employer

 Implementation of a court judgment or an administrative decision issued against him/her, unless it has been stipulated in the court judgment or the administrative decision that the deduction exceeds half the wage.​