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• A written contract. The Arabic text shall be the prevailing version. The contract and its translation - if any-shall be issued in three copies, with each party retaining a copy and the third one shall be deposited with the Private Recruitment Office. There should be clear identification of the following main factors:

• The type of work to be performed by the domestic labor

 The Wage that the employer shall pay to the domestic labor

 Rights and obligations of both parties

 Duration of the probation period


• If the contract expired, or was canceled by the employer for an illegitimate reason, or by the domestic labor for a legitimate reason, the employer shall bear the value of the ticket for repatriation of the domestic labor to his/her country.

• The Contract shall expire by the death of the employer or the domestic labor. If the employer's family is willing to keep the domestic labor, they will have to check with the labor office to correct the name of the employer.