Medical care for pregnancy and childbirth, and the rest period after the maternity leave

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1. The employer shall provide medical care to the working woman during pregnancy and childbirth.

2. When a working woman returns to her work after maternity leave, she shall have the right to take, with the intention of breastfeeding her newborn, a period or periods of rest that do not total more than one hour per day, in addition to the rest periods granted to all workers, and this period or periods shall be calculated from the actual working hours, and not It results in a wage reduction.


Related FAQ

•A working woman shall have the right to a paid maternity leave and no specific work period is required for her entitlement to 10 weeks, starting with a maximum of 4 weeks before the date of childbirth and 6 weeks after childbirth. A working woman in the event of having a child who is sick or has special needs, and his health condition requires a constant attention and care shall have the right to a one-month leave with full pay that starts after the expiry of the maternity leave period, and she shall have the right to extend the leave for a month without pay. A working woman shall be entitled to a rest period or more to breastfeed her child, so that it does not exceed an hour per day, and that period is counted within her work hours and is not included in the rest periods allocated to all workers for a period of two years from the date of birth, whether breastfeeding or otherwise, in accordance with Article 151 of the Law the work.