Obligations of Domestic Workers:

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1. To perform the work agreed upon, and to do so in the care of the normal person.

2. Not to refuse to handle the work or leave the service without a legitimate reason.

3. Not to work for his own interest.

4. To follow the orders of the employer and members of his family related to the implementation of the work agreed upon.

5. To keep the property of the employer and his family members.

6. Not to harm family members, including children and the elderly.

7. To keep the secrets of the employer, family members, and persons in the home that are shared with him during or due to work, not to disclose such secrets to others and not to violate the dignity of the employer and members of his family, and not to interfere in their affairs.

8. To respect Islam, and to abide by the regulations in force in the Kingdom, and the customs and traditions of Saudi society, and not to engage in any activity that harms the family.